BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
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BRATS: Our Journey Home
Press Coverage BRATS has received some amazing press during this journey. Thank you to everyone who is helping "get the word out." Here are some of the highlights.

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Movie Reviews
TV Interviews
Radio Interviews
Newspaper and Internet Articles
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Movie Reviews

Orlando Sentinel/Rotten Tomatoes website (FL) - Roger Moore
"...a splendid documentary... that does most everything you'd want a good documentary to do... and changes the way we look at these people..."

Portfolio Weekly (VA) - Gregory Epps
"...local screening of a new documentary about growing up in the military draws a packed crowd and for good reason... her acclaimed film is simply a well-done documentary..."

School Library Journal - Mike Brown
"...a powerful glimpse of life 'inside the fortress.' It is a must see for Brats and will be surprisingly popular with non-Brats..."

Old School Reviews - John Nesbit
"...commands attention as the most detailed non-fictional account of this unique lifestyle..."

Military Brats Magazine - Trent & Amanda
"Some people still don't even know we are here. They don't even try to understand what we go through. We are glad to see movies like "Brats-Our Journey Home" because it tells the world we are here."

All Movie Guide/New York Times/MTV/Fandango/ Moviefone/Blockbuster/MSN Movies/Starpulse/ - Mark Deming
Average reader rating - 5/5

South County Independent (RI) - Doug Norris
"...powerful... illuminating... compelling... at the heart of this fascinating documentary is the universal need for belonging... brats experience the world and what it means to be American in ways that most of us will never understand..."

The New Mexican (NM) - Robert Nott

The Fort Huachuca Scout (AZ) - Tanja Linton
"The discussion with Musil almost took on the air of a revival meeting as total strangers who thought they had an unusual childhood realized they had so much in common with each other."

Associated Content - Lucy Newman
"...pointed out many truths that seemed to have lifted a heavy weight from shoulders... at the end of the movie I felt as if someone understood me and I wasn't alone..."

Marine Corps News - Heather Owens
"...rapidly becoming a cult classic among former dependents of military members..."

New England Entertainment Digest - George T. Marshall (Executive Director, Rhode Island International Film Festival)
"Strongly and creatively directed... the film hit home."

Youth for Christ Military Youth Ministry - Executive Director
"Watching 'BRATS: Our Journey Home' is one of the best steps one can take to expand or become more effective with the military community!"

Simply Sandra - Sandra Okamoto, Reporter, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus, GA
"Boy, was it great!"

BRATS: Our Journey Home

TV Interviews

CNN's "This Week at War" with John Roberts (national broadcast)
Alabama Live/WSFA-Channel 12 News - Montgomery, AL
First Coast News/WTLV-12 - Jacksonville, FL
Fox 12 News at Nine/KTRV - Boise, ID
WEAR-TV, Channel 3, ABC - Pensacola, FL
WMAZ-TV Eyewitness News - Macon, GA
WRBL, Channel 3 - Columbus, GA

BRATS: Our Journey Home

Radio Interviews

NPR's "All Things Considered", "Military Families and the Lives of Brats," Debbie Elliott
Georgia Public Radio's "Georgia Gazette", Rickey Bevington
SpouseBUZZ Radio, "Focus on Military Brats," Andi
Cox Radio with Chrissie Murnin, San Antonio, TX
106.9 The Fox Hampton Roads Classic Rock (VA)
Military Brats Registry Podcast

BRATS: Our Journey Home


USAA Magazine, "Growing Up Military," Jacey Eckhart
Soldiers, "On Being a 'Brat,'" Rachael Tolliver
Among Worlds Magazine, "The Long Way Home," Donna Musil
Military Spouse Magazine, "Growing Up Military Defines a Child for a Lifetime," Andrea Downing Peck
Military Chaplain Magazine, "The Journey 'Home' for Military Children," Rev. Dr. Gary R. Pollitt, Ph.D. (retired US Navy Captain in Chaplain Corps and Executive Director of the Military Chaplains Association)
Videomaker Magazine, "Taking It to the Screen," Peter Biesterfeld
Military Brats Magazine, "Boys vs. Girls - Review & Critique - "Brats Our Journey Home"
USAA Magazine, "Military Brats Unite"
Leatherneck, "Leatherneck Line"
Military Officer, "Attention!"
Georgia Magazine, "BRATS - Documentary Explores Growing Up Military," Alyson Waldrop
Reunions, "Film Writer Covers 'Brats" Life Stories"
Georgia Bar Journal, "Bench & Bar"
Grady College Grady News, "Musil Completes Work of Passion"
CinemaATL, "Brats Comes Home to AFF," Martin Kelley
Folioweekly, Jacksonville's News and Opinion Magazine, FL
Good Stuff, Peterson Air Force Base, CO
Georgia Law Advocate, "America's Lost Subculture," Jennifer Bogan

BRATS: Our Journey Home

Newspaper & Internet Articles

Operation Homefront, "New Film Focuses on Military Brats," Jenny Sokol
Expat Women,
"Brats: Our Journey Home," Andrea Martins
Stars & Stripes,
"Documentary Explores Transitory Lives of Military Children," Ben Murray
Associated Press Video,
"Documentary: Military Kids 'Suffer' When Parents Deploy," - a new victim in the war in Iraq and the war on terror is coming to light. It's the children of military men and women.
ASAP, Associated Press, "Military brats on film," Chelsea J. Carter
Stars & Stripes, "Movie About Children of Servicemembers Getting Good Reviews," Ashley Rowland, "Military Children Can Take in Unspoken Messages From Parents," Jacey Eckhart
Stars & Stripes,
"Filmmaker to Bring Stories of 'Military Brats' to South Korea," Jimmy Norris
Stars & Stripes, Spouse Calls,
"Military Childhood: A Broader Horizon," Terri Barnes
Stars & Stripes, Spouse Calls,
"Summer, The Farewell Season," Terri Barnes
Stars & Stripes, Spouse Calls,
"Brats: Different Journeys," Terri Barnes
SpouseBuzz with Andi,
In Case You Missed It...
'Brat' offers glimpse of her world
The Sacramento Bee, "Military brats know no place like home," Alison apRoberts
It feels good to be a brat, Brian Dukes
The Orlando Sentinal, Brats: Movie about Military kids, to screen in Orlando
The Pensacola News, Military 'Brats' to screen in Gulf Breeze
The Huntsville Times, Film relates military brat joys, travails
The News Enterprise, Film helps 'brats' belong
Killeen Daily Herald, Film explores upbringing of military children
The Washington Times, "Students of the World," Anne Malinee
The Virginian Pilot, "BRATS," Lorraine Eaton
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, "The Life of a Brat," Mick Walsh
Bellevue Leader, Bellevue, Omaha, "Film writer covers 'Brats' life stories," Zachary Baehr, Newport, Rhode Island, "The art of the documentary," Marilyn Bellemore
Gregory Times-Advocate, Gregory, South Dakota, "Oscar Micheaux Film & Book Festival Blooms...," Mona Taggart
Herald Net, These women's films carry festival's weight
Seattle Times, Everett film fest will celebrate women's spirit
Daily Press (Newport News, VA), Growing up military - a documentary illuminates the lives and culture of 'military brats,' tipping its hat to a book by a former local resident, Stephanie Heinatz
The Virginian-Pilot, "A documentary film about military brats will be screened this week in Hampton Roads, Cherise M. Williams
Filmmaker, audience share a culture as military 'Brats', Andrew C. Martel
Documentary explores what it's like to grow up in a military family, Amneris Solano
Military brats view their lives positively, Margo Rutledge Kissell
Museum to screen documentary, Margo Rutledge Kissell
Free screening of 'BRATS: Our Journey Home' at National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Orlando Weekly Screening of the documentary about the lives of children with parents in the military
Jacksonville.Com, What it's like to grow up a military brat
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 'Brats' film airs today at CSU
Macon.Com, Museum to show film about growing up in a military family
Florida Today, Film explores life of a military brat
Citizen Staff Report, Film on how military life affects brats
Beaufort Gazette, Film festival fades to black with its version of the Oscars, Tim Hager
New documentary: Military parents 'must do what they are told to do', David Edwards and Shant Mesrobian
Anchorage Daily News, Today at the Anchorage International Film Festival
Space Guardian, "Film Shows Reality Of Being A Military Brat", Debbie Evert
The Beaufort Gazette, "Another 'feature' of Beaufort," Tim Hager

BRATS: Our Journey Home

Blogs & Chats

The Journey Home....
"Home," punishyourma
"Calling all brats," Gail Dunagan Morrison
"BRATS: A Film Dedicated to the Military Brat," Andi
Memorial Day Gratitude, Maria Elena
Jinks Writes And Rewrites,
Thomas Hill Consulting
Simply Sandra, Proud to be a brat
One Tired Mom: An afternoon with the brats
AT Mahan HS Alumni Website Blog
Media Monarchy"Military parents 'must do what they are told'"
Our Journey Home on CNN
Georgia: Host Rickey Bevington talks with Donna Musil about her documentary
Zweibrucken High School by The Angry Independent
BRATS: Our Journey Home by gdtownshende
Exploring my history being raised as a Military Brat - 1950s and 1960s
"BRATS FILM TOUR - Our Journey Home" is underway!, Lietta Ruger
Someone made a documentary about my home town!
Day 2: Brats, I didn't know what to expect, Nick
The Last Brats Notification, Jack F. Mancilla
The Party! by Stacy
Military Brats by Jonesy
Are You A Military Brat? by (arniecoleman)
BRATS: Our Journey Home 29 Jun 2006 I co-produced the documentary
I'm a BRAT - by Sara
Brats by Sissy
There is a new documentary out... Brat Pack, By Blueberry(Blueberry)
I was contacted by a gentleman ... BrandToBeDetermined, eschipul
Attention military brats (You know who you are...): Have Skunk
Thanks for the Meme-ories, G Dean Townshende
Comments re BRATS film, Kubasaki High School Alumni Discussion Board
"Brats," Jeff Mariotte, Dispatches From the Flying M, AZ
"My Not-so-Short Bio," MommyTonya's Homeschool Blog
"Brats, Our Journey Home," Ruth Kneale, Tucson, AZ
"Brats, Our Journey Home Documentary," Nathan Scott, Santa Monica
"Thinkin' About... Military Brats," No Bad Days in South Dakota
"Brats: Our Journey Home," Rogle, Free Republic
"Brats Our Journey Home," Tonya Murphy, Bald Eagles Aerie
"Brats: Our Journey Home," Larry Antley-Keller, Texas
"Brats: Our Journey Home - Update," David Cummings, Texas
"Brats Are People Too," Fallenmonk (after Seoul American High School Reunion)
"Brats: Our Journey Home,", M. Sinclair Stevens, Words Into Bytes

BRATS: Our Journey Home

BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
The first documentary about growing up military.