BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
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What People Are Saying BRATS has received the most wonderful, inspirational letters from people around the world - expressing their thanks, their surprise, telling us their own brat stories. These letters fill our hearts with joy and keep us going when the "going gets tough." Thank you, to everyone who has taken a moment to let us know how they feel and how BRATS has impacted their lives. Here are excerpts from a few of those letters.

Military Family

From Fellow Brats
From the Military
From Educators
From Clergy
From Mental Health Practitioners

From Fellow Brats

"Thank you, thank you for making 'BRATS: Our Journey Home.' I can't begin to tell you how important it is to ALL of us brats. For years I tried to forget about growing up overseas, to put that chapter of my life behind me. Going to the Ankara reunion in Dallas recently was one of the most important things I've done in my life. A lot of things fell into place. I finally accept my past. And I finally found my family. Thank you, again."
   -- Rebecca Jung, Brat

"What a colossal achievement. I am completely overwhelmed... I thought I had covered this waterfront both intellectually and emotionally, but how wrong I was... I was sobbing."
   -- Sarah Bird, Author, The Yokota Officers Club

"A great big, giant hug to you for a job well done. You will help the world more than you know with this release of a moving film that gives all with this experience both an outlet for years of pent up memories and a voice for helping others understand our lives before meeting them. Thank you from the bottom of my SAHS heart."
   -- Jennifer Turney Krohn, Seoul American High School Alumni '65

"I just saw the film this weekend at the Ankara High School Reunion in Dallas. It was FANTASTIC!!...I want my sisters to see it. Thank you."
   -- Steve Northcutt, Florida

"This is the story of my life."
   -- Marc Curtis, Founder, Military-Brats Registry

"Finally, real form given to the unexplainable differences that make up a brat's life... the things we could not talk about even if we realized them... the culture that still bonds us together..."
   -- David Grant, Military Brat

"Great film. Donna is a true, undiscovered ethnographer."
"Excellent film!"
"Very thought-provoking!"
"Incredible-honest telling."
"Timely and thorough. Would like to see marketing to military populations and others."
"Lots of appreciation."
"Very interesting and comprehensive view of military brats. Helps us realize the importance of acknowledging the role played by kids."
"Brilliant. Thoughtful. Unforgettable. Thank you!"
"The film raised issues that must be dealt with!"
"Very well done, artistically. Very thought-provoking."
"Incredibly deep and meaningful. Good to share all over!"
"I'd like to buy a copy to take to my children who were Air Force Brats. It would help them with a lot of issues I wasn't aware of until today. Outstanding!"
"Poignant and well done."
"Wow! Great movie! Very powerful and a must see!"
"Excellent film!"
"As a retired military and a DOD civilian working with families, the film was great! Enjoyed the presentation thoroughly."
"I thought the film was very impressive and hard to watch because of the depth of the pain expressed."
"Very important information. We need to consider the kids' side of relocation."
"Wow. Explained/revealed a lot about myself, I think, like so many other Military Brats."
"Wow!!! Awesome. Show this to everyone you can. It's very important history, especially now with Iraq."
"Simply...the best! Thank you for your dedication, your time, your idea. You will set so many hurt souls free! Thank you!"
   -- Reactions from Families in Global Transition Conference, where we received an       average evaluation of 8.7 out of 10

"Yes, the movie was about all of us and the beauty is that we watched it together and laughed together and cried together. I sure understand my quirks better. It was beautiful to sit in that room and watch the movie and know everyone understood. No explaining to do."
"So true. The laughs were as a unit. The gasps were as a unit. All the emotions were equal."
"We are ONE. Different walks of life. Different personalities. Different all together but we still are ONE!... It was wonderful to have someone bring it to life."
   -- Some remarks from Ankara alumni who saw the film in Dallas

"I haven't stopped thinking about the film, or talking about it... Because of my blabbering about it, I found (to my surprise) that one of my oldest acquaintences... is a brat who actually lived in Korea in 1948... I never knew it."
   -- Sherron "Sam" Dix Lawson, SAHS '61

"This documentary is fantastic. To all that were able to see it in Dallas, it made quite an impact. To all that were unable to see it, you will hopefully get a chance."
   -- Roger Redwanski, Ankara High School (Turkey), Class of "68"

"...everyone I spoke to absolutely loves your film! I look forward to getting a copy and showing it to my children."
   -- Maxwell Lee, Ankara High School

"I want to thank you again for coming to Dallas and showing us your film. It was so powerful and I can't believe the changes in my life it's brought about already."
   -- Ginger Cole Turner, Austin, TX

"I never believed a shoestring operation would come out with such a good product."
   -- Joan Dickson (Deceased), Heidelberg High School

"This is a documentary film about us - the military brats. The film's story is about "belonging" to something special and it is gripping."
   -- Glenda Casey Petrini, HHS '54

"The whole time I was reading your different pages, I was crying. I can't express to you how profoundly this site has affected me."
   -- Donna Catton-Johnson, Air Force Brat

"Thank you for giving us a voice."
   -- Jillian Boldway, Army Brat

"Thank you for making something that will mean so much to so many of us... I just wish my Dad and Mom were here to watch with us."
   -- Robin S. Bellingar, Army Brat

"I figured any project that had the support of Kris Kristofferson and Norman Schwarzkopf deserved mine, too. Best of luck!"
   -- William Burd

"Blessing to you for your work."
   -- Ronda Owens Cotton, Army Brat

"This is the real deal..."
   -- Glenda Findley, Daughter of a Warrior

"My wife and I read all there is in the preceding articles and by golly that answered most of her questions on why I do things the way I do... Bless you for this program."
   -- Marvin L. Jameson, Military Brat Since 1943

"Thank you for helping us all find "home" through your project."
   -- Susan Allenback, Air Force Brat

"You're doing a tremendous service and will touch lives you don't even know about for years to come."
   -- Liz Cain, Air Force Brat

"I just ran across your website and ... I broke down and cried. Being a military brat has totally disoriented me all of my life."
   -- Ron Pierce, Military Brat

"This email may fall unto 'deaf ears,' but I HAVE to say this; I am 44 years old, ex-AF Brat (and damn proud of it!), struggled with many issues my adult life and after reading excerpts from your video, I realize where those issues come from!!!!!!! It's ok now. There are missing pieces to me and I am not alone."
   -- Christina, Air Force Brat

"… my sister gave this to me as as gift. You have NO idea how profoundly this film impacted me. I thought I had long ago resolved all my childhood "issues" until you made me realize I had some more tears to shed. It has been very healing to know that others shared my struggles and my strengths. I would not have traded one moment of the richness and diversity that my brat childhood afforded me, but it did come with a price. Thank you for a beautiful journey of discovery."
   -- Michelle C.

"I truly can't tell you in concise words how much this endeavor of yours has done for me psychologically. I have walked through life knowing what I know, but finding that every time I answered questions about my childhood that I encountered disbelief and rejection. I stopped talking about it and have held it all in, not knowing how to express it in a manner that would be believed. This DVD... is finally telling our tale in a believable manner. It is about time. Total vindication would include a statement from our highest point in our government that would concede all the blood, sweat and tears that we children of the forces provided for our country."
   -- Chrystie D., Hayward, CA

"I showed the DVD to my mom and she cried all the way through and then some more after it ended. She felt her experience as a military wife was very validated... She plans to have a popcorn party for her girlfriends in water aerobics to show them the kind of life she led for 25 years. She cried a lot during the viewing. There were some things not spoken about for all these years and here you are laying it all out in the open for everyone to see... and talk about... finally. She is now 80 years old and has been divorced from my military father since 1969. It really meant a lot to her... Thank you for making such a difference in my life."
   -- Diane K., Denver, CO

"Your film (and Mary Edwards Wertsch's book) have given me an insight and understanding about my personality and inner feelings that I can't begin to describe. It's such a relief to discover that my Father didn't love me less than other Fathers love their children; rather, the mission my Father dedicated his career to demanded his attention first and foremost and he really had no other choice. My family spent the July 4 weekend visiting my brother and sister and their families. I made a point of bringing along your movie on DVD and showed it to my siblings, and they were amazed at how vivid and on-target your movie was about the unique nature of brat life and how growing up in that environment has long-lasting effects that we've never stopped to realize or understand. Please know that I deeply appreciate all of your efforts to create this powerful and moving film, and I have evangelized it to everyone I know who is a fellow brat."
   -- Glenn C., Austin, TX

"...finding [BRATS] was finding a way home. I cried--a painfully intense joy that came from finding what I knew without doubt had been lost and a sadness beyond words at the realization that it really was, in the end, lost. I could see my past in the words and photos of others on the website but could never really touch it--sort of 'through a glass darkly.' I felt the same way when I sang along with 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' at a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert in Chastain Park a few years ago. And again when Hans Petersen, who still lives in Frankfurt, posted photos of the deserted, shuttered, and decaying military buildings that had been home. Even now--it's really weird--I consider Frankfurt, Germany, and even Ft. Benning, where I never lived, but where both my parents are buried, (and, in fact, any Army post) more "home" than I consider South Georgia, where I have lived for 26 years (living surrounded by boxes I have never unpacked and walls I have never considered mine enough to paint)."
   -- Kay W., Georgia

"As I watched the film I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. People expressing bluntly the deep dark nasty secrets that too many of us brats endured in silence thinking we were the only abnormal family. This is the best relief I have ever felt in my adult life..."
   -- Richard E.

"...watching the documentary is so healing... I've only had it a few days and I have already watched it twice and I have plans to watch it with family and close friends who want to understand my background better. Thank you so much for all your work!! I feel whole and... well... real for the first time in a long, long time."
   -- Lynette E., Philadelphia, PA

"When I get my copy, I am seriously considering showing it to my therapist. I think it explains a lot of who I am and why I'm the way I am!"
   -- Barbara F., Germany

"Wow... makes the hair stand up on my arms, and my breath catch in my throat... I don't know the people you worked with to bring this film to fruition, but please extend my tearful, hopeful, heartfelt thanks."
   -- Laurin G.

"The price of the DVD has saved me lots of money in counseling... Please send my thanks to everyone who was a part of this DVD."
   -- Paul H.

"... should be required viewing for all military brats. I thought I had everything about myself figured by now but there were a couple of realization moments that were unbelievable! Thanks so much."
   -- Gwen M.

"I watched it alone the first time I saw it. My initial reaction was "wow... perfect... this onion got so intricately unpeeled... well, done, Donna! The second time I watched it was with my youngest sister... When I asked if she'd be interested in seeing a mind blowing documentary on military brats she said "maybe, although we weren't really military brats..." Needless to say, from the moment the music started up and the home movies began to roll she was spell bound and lights went on in her head like you can't imagine... no conversation I could ever have had, ever, could have come close to accomplishing what you simply and beautifully "laid out", INCLUDING how the parents just don't know the kids' experience... Thank you for the healing that this documentary will facilitate. "
   -- Jan M., Atlanta, GA

"Thank you so much for making this documentary! It arrived a week ago and I have watched it five times. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. After a lifetime of mostly blank faces when I say I grew up in a military family, I feel that some of the invisibility has finally been cleared away."
   -- Phil M.

"The film has been for me, an Army Brat, a profound psychotherapeutic experience."
   -- David N.

"I attended the BRATS screening in Austin last night... The woman who said it was like free therapy said it best... you have done a really fine piece of work, on par with some of Ken Burns work... thank you."
   -- Michael S., Austin, TX

"...the most helpful video I have ever seen. For years, I thought I was losing my mind and that there was something terribly wrong with me. My family is dysfunctional and both our parents are now gone. But, when I saw the movie and all of its ups and downs and the twists and turns, all of a sudden, I felt a great weight lifted. It makes you feel warm all over and makes you stand up straight. It gives you a peek into answers we sought all of our adult lives. It is a movie all 'Brats' need not only see, but promote."
   -- Roger V.

"I always thought I was 'the only one'... Even after securing an advanced degree in psychology... I've continued to feel the void. Until now. Well, I still feel the void and disconnection, but now I know why. Thank you so VERY much for doing this film. This is one appreciative OLD BRAT!!"
   -- Ronda W., Navy Brat

"Your film, and the book BRATS, has saved so many of us a fortune in psychotherapy fees! May my secular blessings forever surround you..."
   -- Margy W., Navy Brat

BRATS: Our Journey Home

From the Military

"All I can say is "wow", thank you so much for opening my eyes on what I have put my family through for the past 23 years. I only hope that every military member has the chance to see this film and realizes how special their families are. I have always thought that I appreciated my family for following "my dream." I have been blind and when I finally retire I have made a promise to dedicate my ceremony to the real hero's of my life. Semper Fidelis."
   -- MSgt. Michael A. Bovo, Camp Fallujah, Iraq

"I saw the movie and was so touched. Having served most of my adult life on active duty in the Marine Corps, and being the father of two wonderful young women, it took me back to those days when we moved from duty station to duty station, expecting our own 'military brats' to say their 'goodbyes' with enthusiasm as they faced the 'hello's' at the new duty station. At the time, I really didn't appreciate the impact of all those moves on our children."
   -- Maj. Gen. USMC (Ret.) J. M. Myatt, President, Marines' Memorial Association

"I always wondered how my own children felt about growing up Army brats, but they never were able to really tell me. This film speaks for them and so many others. It moved me so much that I've bought copies to send to my son and my daughter and others who grew up in a world entirely different from their peers."
   -- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry White, President, National Infantry Foundation

"It brought a lump to my throat, tears to these old worn eyes, but most of all it brought back many, many wonderful memories. A must see for all military brats and their families. God Bless you, Donna, all Brats will love your film."
   -- Curtis Carter, 30 years in the blue suit, 22 in Air Force Civil Service

"Great documentary. I sent one back to my family in the USA. Maybe it will help them put the pieces together of our worlds..."
   -- Ltc. Elizabeth Coble

"I cannot begin to tell you how BRATS: Our Journey Home helped me understand some things. My experiences were mostly positive, but even so, it all has a great impact on our lives. My children are also brats, because I married a military man. I bought a copy of it for each of them..."
   -- Judy Cullen

"Do yourself a favor and get this film. If you're an Army Brat, I know: you don't need any help, you've got a handle on your core self... This 90 minute video will give you more insight into your thoughts, actions and feelings than you can ever imagine. Who knows, it may give you ability to understand how others, especially family members, had to cope, as brats. Or perhaps you're offspring of Brats, and don't understand your parents? Some of us continued the march, making our offspring take our same paths; learn what they went thru for us, even if you don't want to acknowledge what you went thru. This film should be seen by everyone who was a Brat, or had Brats!!!!!!!!! Be prepared to reflect and to shed a few. I expect everyone of you to get the video, and tell me what you think: This is an order."
   -- Joe Brennan

"Thank you so much for making this movie. This documentary not only applies to our military children but also to those children of the State Department and all the children of the employees of American companies who move with the family overseas. I wish every Command in the US Joint Forces would obtain a copy of your documentary and show it to the command and their families, so they can better understand what the brats are going through and possibly help these children with their identity. To me all brats are special. Thank you again."
   -- J. Davis, Military Wife

"I have just gotten done watching the show BRATS for the first time. All I can say is WOW…. What a job. Very well done and spot on, my father was in the Air Force so it really hit home. Some of it harder than others. Thanks for your help and again a very very well done show. I am glad that AFN finally aired it when I could watch it out here in the sandbox."
   -- R. David Jones, Al-Taqaddum, Iraq

"I enjoyed seeing the film again and I must tell you that my mother did also. She talked about it the entire way back to her house. She remarked that she often wondered what affect all the moves would have on her children. This was the first time this subject was raised and discussed. Interestingly enough, I found out later the reason my father didn't come was not because he wasn't feeling well; but rather he thought he was being set up as the person responsible for all the moves and I was blaming him for how we might have suffered socially from the frequent moving around. While nothing could be further from the truth it became very clear that he had thought about this at some length over his military career. Funny how a simple night out at the movies changes things!"
   -- Tom Longanecker

"Thanks Donna for taking the time to make this film that brought many wonderful and some sad memories to this daughter of a career Air Force Officer, now long deceased. The movie made me laugh, and it made me cry. It is a wonderful film that anyone who experienced life as a military dependent can identify with. My husband, a retired Air Force Officer, is the president of our local Military Officers Association. I've recommended your film to all the members of our chapter for themselves and for their children."
   -- Kathi Lucas

"I read with delight the information regarding your film Brats. It's about time someone looked at the military child."
   -- Lt. Col. Deborah Marcus, USAF

"I received the BRATS: Our Journey Home DVD yesterday and love it! In fact, I'm buying another to send to my brother! Donna, if this message goes directly to you, please know that your efforts are doubtlessly going to help many, many children and adults... the film is a means of catharsis in many ways, a vehicle by which I was transported back to some happy memories, and a tool that can help me to help some of my patients (adolescents and their parents) understand some of what they are presently living through. I've always tried to impart to them the reassurance that they are not alone... but what empty words those must sound to the kid who is suffering. I believe that your film should be mandatory on every American military facility in the world and that attendance be compulsory. Now, doesn't that sound so typically military?"
   -- Stephan A. "Mick" McClary, Great Falls, MT

"…I was very touched by the short clip on the website. It brought tears to my eyes as I do recognize what they sacrificed so their Dad could become eventually a 2-star Air Force general… Hats off to all who put the BRATS documentary together and to all of you for helping make our great Nation what it is today!!"
   -- Everett Odgers, Dayton, OH

"Wow - did we ever relive our military life! Your story was fantastic and right on target. We saw ourselves as well as our daughters all through the film. The production was extremely well done and had us on the edge of our seats as we walked down memory lane. As time passes we have a tendency to forget the bad moments and focus on the most happy times. Most of our experiences were very positive except the Vietnam experience. Thank you so much for producing this meaningful documentary!"
   -- Bob and Betty Thurston

"I was an Air Force/Army brat growing up. Now, I'm a military spouse with military brats of my own. I've tried hard to explain to people that never have experienced a military lifestyle what it is like to live it, and of course, they don't understand it. The film was a fantastic explanation of how things were and are in military families. Some of the sections brought tears to my eyes, remembering what it was like. Thank you so much for making a film that not only explains what it was like, but touches the hearts of all those that have lived it, and remember it. Once again, thank you so much. It's great to know that we aren't the only ones that have felt the way we felt...and that we DO have a rather extended family!"
   -- Barbara VanVliet, Military Brat and Wife

BRATS: Our Journey Home

From Educators

"...very historically significant and important... nothing like it exists..."
   -- Thomas Drysdale, Retired Deputy Director and Superintendent of Schools, DoDDS;
       Founder, American Overseas School Historical Society

"No other documentary better depicts the social and psychological impact on children and adolescents at the intersection of two power social institutions--the military and the family."
   -- Morten G. Ender, Ph.D., Sociology Program Director, United States Military Academy,
       West Point

"...this movie will be a big hit at our bases and branches. My Lakenheath library showed it at their 'Late Night at the Library' program and folks loved it, it has been circulating ever since."
   -- Melinda Mosley, USAFE Librarian

"I wish I had seen BRATS before I taught in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. It would have given me so many useful insights that I lacked at the time. This film should be shown to all service personnel as well as students and teachers in Department of Defense schools. Sociology and psychology departments of colleges and universities should also find this film of great interest."
   -- Dr. Elmer Koenig, Retired DoDDS Principal

"Thank you for making the film! Brilliant, really. I just moved from Germany, after 21 years... your documentary made quite an impact. My husband was one of the original Brats after WWII... You did a heck of a job telling our story and I will be sharing it with our 8th graders here at Ft. Bragg."
   -- Cynthia Vargo, Current DoDDS Teacher

"BRATS explores this generations 'silent crisis': why so many children were sad and confused while appearing to be tough, cheerful and confident. Donna Musil challenges conventional expectations regarding the children of military members during the cold war era and the Vietnam conflict. Her documentary serves as a testimonial to the thousands of families caught up in raising their children through a toughening process that drives their true emotions underground. The effect of this documentary on me personally has been profound. Parents and teachers everywhere should be exposed to this material. It would serve as a reminder to all of us that every child is vital and uniquely vulnerable. When we understand what young people are experiencing, parents and teachers can help them develop more self-confidence and the emotional savvy they need to deal with issues such as depression, drugs, alcohol, sexuality and love. Donna Musil's work is illuminating, exciting and courageous. BRATS: Our Journey Home should be viewed by everyone concerned about children. It is a beacon of hope and a gift to all of us."
   -- Marlene D. Knudson, Retired DoDDS Teacher and Principal

"Moving, provocative, inspirational, enlightening - each of these is an apt descriptor of BRATS: Our Journey Home. The film strikes a delicate balance as it explores the reality, themes both good and bad, of growing up in the military. With archival footage to support the power of the story being told, BRATS serves to recognize and honor - and even ultimately to celebrate - the military child experience."
   -- Barbara F. Schaetti, Principal Consultant, Transition Dynamics

"We had a showing of the video at one of our homes over pizza this past Thursday. It was a very emotional rollercoaster affecting each of us differently. The DVD really brought out a lot of raw emotion and discussion that made all of us truly see how we were really one family. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce such a moving and important work."
   -- Jay and a group of Library Media Specialists in Dallas, TX

"This documentary celebrating the life of America's 'third culture kids' is a story with universal dimensions. It is at once a comprehensive and uplifting montage of American children who became unwitting ambassadors of our culture as they accompanied their military parents around the world and matured into global citizens."
   -- Betty J. Nicholas, Retired DoDDS Teacher

"It's 10 p.m. and my wife and I have just finished watching your wonderful documentary. Not only is it a faithful description of what we all went through as 'brats,' but it touches something deep down at the center of our lives. I was glued to the screen and was sorry when the story came to an end. I congratulate you on your achievement. No, I SALUTE you on your achievement!"
   -- Edward Dooley, Professor, VMI

"I absolutely loved it. I am a DoDDS teacher in Germany, and I can relate to the sentiments of the presenters in your film... thank you for bringing things into perspective. As a result of your film, I think I understand myself a bit more than before."
   -- Erik and Susan Jonsson, Current DoDDS Teachers

"Thank you very much for what you have done. I taught with the Department of Defense schools for 15 years, being the wife of an Army artillery officer, and the daughter of an Army medical department career plastic surgeon... my father is one of the 'greatest generation' and my mentor. My two youngsters, one an Iraqi Freedom Marine, and now a new enlistee in the US Army, were reared by DoDDS teachers."
   -- Jan Kiessling, Retired DoDDS Teacher

"I wish I would have had the opportunity to see this film before I taught my six years with the military brats. I would have done some things differently and the learning curve would have been shorter, as I struggled to adapt my stateside experience with teaching to the needs of the brats' needs."
   -- Twyla Cloyd, Former DoDDS Teacher

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how my husband reacted to your wonderful film... As it neared the end I noticed tears in Fred's eyes as in mine and afterwards he said: 'Now that's a film that should be shown today.' It was 9/11 and as you know much hype and remembrance was being featured on all networks, etc. Fred is an ex-math teacher and agreed heartily that this film should definitely be included in the teaching curriculum and not just for military school teachers but all schools."
   -- Chris Symonds, Retired Math Teacher, Bellingham, WA

BRATS: Our Journey Home

From Clergy

"As a career Air Force chaplain and the proud dad of two military BRATS, I unequivocally recommend "BRATS: Our Journey Home." This touching, powerful, and exceptionally well-crafted film chronicles the lives, experiences and hearts of military kids and families. I was astounded by the frequency with which I saw my family in this film. I wish I had seen it as a young captain! My son is an Air Force dad. His wife has no prior military background. I'm giving them a copy of this film because I am 100% convinced that it will benefit their marriage and family. BRATS of all ages (and moms and dads) will appreciate this film!"
   -- Stephen L. Frick, Chaplain, Colonel, USAF (Ret), Deputy Director, Military Community
      Youth Ministries

"BRATS: Our Journey Home has been a great resource to use with adult leaders in youth ministry... it offers an understanding of military culture and allows us the opportunity to update those experiences based on the current generation of brats dealing with multiple and extended deployments. Each time I show [BRATS], heads in the room nod in agreement... I think it has really given military brats and those that work with them the opportunity to voice their experience and to feel good about it too."
   -- Mark Moitoza, Director of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

"I am so thankful and supportive of the movie and your passion. Watching BRATS: Our Journey Home is one of the best three steps you can take to become more effective with the military community."
   -- Marty McCarty, Executive Director, Military Comunity Youth Ministries (MCYM)

"I deeply appreciate the care and candor that went into the BRATS documentary. I am the director of a organization that works with military kids in Europe and Asia. We often tell folks that they are a forgotten subculture... Thanks for helping people understand and notice. As a military brat myself, I have wept through several sections of the documentary and used it to train my staff. Thank you for raising the attention of military parents and others to the reality of the blessings and curses of life in a military family."
   -- Jeff Campbell, Director, Malachi Ministries, Cadence International

"...this film is going to be cathartic for thousands of Brats..."
   -- Bette Hertzberg, Placement Coordinator, Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries

"BRATS: Our Journey Home has been helpful to me as clergy to understand the issues of some of my parishners who grew up in military families. It provides useful information in marriage counseling for couples where one or both were Brats. We use the metaphors of family and home so much in the church and it's enlightening how that imagery can mean something different to people who are 'from everywhere and nowhere.' Plus, how often do you get to see Kris Kristofferson and General Norman Schwarzkopf sharing similar life stories!"
   -- Sandi Wilcox, Former Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Austin, TX

"A wonderful film, which covers the gambit of life as a child in the military family. I was amazed at the depth at which the film covered various aspects of the life of a brat. It is indeed a significant documentary..."
   -- Jeffrey Turley, Retired USAF Chaplain

"Enjoyed the video. Watched it with my 'brat' sister (married to a brat) who birthed four 'brats,' two West Point grads and on active duty, and two daughters both married to officers on active duty. The video allowed us a lively discussion upon viewing it and we had some good reminiscing. She 'took' the video!"
   -- Allen Clark, West Point graduate and Vietnam Vet; Founder, Combat Faith Lay Ministry
      for Veterans/Military; and Author, Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior

BRATS: Our Journey Home

From Mental Health Practitioners

"Bravo! It is even more beautifully done than I imagined. I shared my copy with my psychologist who is an Army brat and we then discussed it at length. He couldn't get over the issues that were brought up that he too, had never considered had an impact on his life. I felt like I was his shrink, that day."
   -- Carol C., Pittsburgh, PA

"Congratulations on a wonderful job. It was really enjoyable to watch and it validated some things I'd tried to share with my husband. I'm not sure he believed me totally until he heard it from other people on the film. I think it would be a valuable film for any counselor to watch that deals with ANY children that get shuffled a lot."
   -- Jeanie Deem, School Counselor

"BRATS is a provocative film that unites those with a common experience they might not even know they share; the film is also a poignant reminder of the universal human need for continuity of relationship and sense of belonging."
   -- Rachel Winer, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, Rice University

"The film was much more deeply touching than I personally anticipated. It brought back many memories and I learned some things about my daughters by viewing the film. Some folks were emotional during the film. You did a fabulous job."
   -- Michale Weaver, Social Worker, Virginia

"...the Deputy Chief of Social Work showed the film for training this morning. Everyone loved it and some people were really moved by it. This Department of Social Work is going to order some copies for the Therapeutic Parenting Classes they have and for training here. It was very touching. Many of the therapists are connected to the military as former spouses, brats themselves or actually have been active duty military. This one lady therapist (former military) ordered four copies, one for each of her kids so they could understand why she was, in her words, 'such a gypsy!'"
   -- Kimberly Bayes Batista, MSSW, LCSW, Ft. Hood, TX

"The film is excellent!!! It is also inspiring - to the point that I am considering doing my doctoral dissertation on the military family experience."
   -- Tom Watson, MA, LAPC, Georgia

BRATS: Our Journey Home

The first documentary about growing up military.