BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
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Nonprofit Brats Without Borders, Inc.

Brats Without Borders, Inc. (BWB) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization founded in 1999. Our mission is to provide educational materials, outreach, and support to military-connected "brats" and other "third culture kids" of all ages. (Federal ID #58-2486120)

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Thank You
Audience member at Anniston, AL screening gives Writer/Director Donna Musil a big "thank you" hug.


"BRATS: Our Journey Home" is Brats Without Borders' first project and a seven-year effort. We've screened the film to packed houses in over 100 locations around the United States, at U.S. military bases in Korea, had over 5 million hits on our website, and won numerous awards, including the Southern Lens Award.

The film is helping both current and adult military BRATS and other TCKs around the world understand who they are and where they're from. It's helping parents understand their children and institutions understand the families who are part of their organizations. It's also educating teachers, counselors, and faith-based groups who work with this unique subculture on a daily basis.

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Future projects for Brats Without Borders include:
  • an in-depth collection of BRATS RAW interviews with Psychotherapist Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman (the uncut interviews of Kristofferson & Schwarzkopf are already available);

  • a traveling BRATS exhibit for schools and museums, including more of the unique challenges facing current brats;

  • a documentary about how this unique subculture is changing the race relations landscape around the world, including how President Truman's integration of the military in 1948 has affected military children and families;

  • researching trauma and abuse as it relates to military children;

  • a book expanding on the stories presented in "BRATS: Our Journey Home"; and

  • transferring one of the most comprehensive qualitative databases of the long-term effects of growing up military/TCK into an electronic database.

Population Served

Brats Without Borders serves a massive population of current and adult military brats and other TCKs (from foreign service, corporate, aide, missionary, and even immigrant families) around the world. Experts estimate military brats alone constitute 5% of the United States population. Military brats and TCKs from countries outside the U.S. share many similarities - as if there's a global BRAT NATION who has more in common with each other than with their own countries. The numbers are truly staggering, yet this population has rarely been served. "BRATS: Our Journey Home" is the first documentary made about this "invisible tribe" of people.

Funding Sources

Support of Brats Without Borders has come from a plethora of sources, from gigantic organizations like Disney and the Department of Defense and the Truman Library to individual brats who donated their time, money, and services. The press has been particularly helpful in getting the word out, since we can't currently afford traditional advertising.

BRATS are an enigmatic, multi-cultural bunch. We don't look alike, we live all over the place (and move often), and we span all races, religions, and political persuasions. But scratch the surface of a brat and you'll find a unique subculture with specific needs and challenges. Hopefully, as the word gets out, more folks will join our supporters and extend a helping hand!

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The first documentary about growing up military.