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Organizations Helping Brats

Brats Without Borders - the oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the country - run by brats and for brats - that produces programs and materials that raise awareness of the culture, contributions, and challenges of military "brats" and "third culture kids," young and old.

Culturs Magazine - the global multicultural magazine for TCKs and Military Brats.

Military Brats Registry - the largest registry and search site for military brats, and sponsor of the "Every Brat Has a Story" gatherings and cruises.

Overseas Brats - the original sponsor of reunions and gatherings for overseas brats.

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) - an organization dedicated to preserving the history of the 4 million Americans who have attended overseas schools for the past 150 years.

The Museum of the American Military Family - a wonderful group led by Circe Woessner, a DoDDS "brat" and former military spouse, whose mission is to bring together people with shared experiences to showcase and honor America's Military Families.

Operation: Military Kids (OMK) - the U.S. Army's collaborative effort with America's communities to support the children and youth impacted by deployment.

Military Community Youth Ministries - an ecumenical Christian ministry reaching out to current military teens, whether stateside or overseas.

Brightwell Publishing - publisher of quality books which explore and strengthen the cultural identity of military brats, founded by author Mary Edwards Wertsch.

Among Worlds - a magazine about encouraging and empowering adult third culture kids.

tckid - an internet forum & blog community for current Third Culture Kids and Cross Cultural Kids.

Cross Cultural Kids Blog - a website with stories, articles, and research about Third Culture Kids and Cross Cultural Kids. The official site of author and TCK expert Ruth Van Reken.

Third Culture Adults in Global Transition - a wonderful blog about Third Culture Kid issues and identification by Paulette Bethel.

Military Brats Online - website supporting brats.

Military Brats Online - Vann Baker's website supporting brats.

Brat Alumni Associations

AFCENT/AFNORTH International School (Brunssum, Netherlands)
American School in Japan, Tokyo
Ankara Alumni.Net (George C. Marshall Regional High School)
Ankara High School Connections (George C. Marshall Regional High School)
Antilles High School Alumni Association
Australian and New Zealand Military Brats of Singapore
Aviano Reunion Association
Bahrain High School Reunion Website
Bangkok, International School of
Beirut, Alumni Association of the American Community School at
Berlin Brats Alumni Association
Berlin U.S. Military Veterans Association
Bermuda, NAS
Bitburg High School Alumni Association
Bolivia - American Cooperative School (ACS), La Paz, 60s Alumni Association
Brent High School Alumni, Baguio, Phillipines
Chaffee/Kindley High School, Bermuda
Chofu High School
Desert High School, Edwards AFB, 1955-1969
Ethiopia, Kagnew Station, Asmara (now Eritrea)
Frankfurt American High School
Frankfurt, Germany, 50s & 60s
Governors Island New York Brats
Hanau American High School
Heidelberg High School Alumni Association
Incirlik Alumni Association
Johnson High School (Japan)
Kadena Alumni Association
Karlsruhe American High School Alumni Association
Keflavik - A.T. Mahan High School, Iceland
Kenitra AmericanHigh School (Thomas Mack Wilhoite) Kenitra, Morocco
Knob Noster High School (Whiteman Air Force Base), MO
Kubasaki High School Alumni
Kabul, American International School of
Lakenheath High School, Class of 1971
Lajes High School Alumni, Portugal
Lejeune High School
Livorno American High School
Madrid/Torrejon High School
Mannheim American High School
Munich American High School forum
Munich American High School Reunion Group, late 80s to early 90s
Naples American High School (Forrest Sherman)
Narimasu High School
Narimasu High School Alumni Association
Nurnberg Alumni Association, Inc.
Orleans American High School, France
Panama Canal Zone Brats, Panama
Quantico High School Alumni Association
Quantico Middle/High School
RAF Alconbury - RAF Molesworth Junior High School
Rhein Main Brats Home Away From Home
Saigon Kids Website
Sembach AB, Germany
Seoul American High School
Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School
Tehran American School Association, Iran
Tehran Community School, Class of 1961, Iran
Upper Heyford High School, England
Upper Heyford High School/Croughton, England
Wagner High School Online Alumni
Wheelus High School Ex-Student Association
White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) "Kids" Reunion Site
Wiesbaden - General HH Arnold Alumni Association
Yamato High School, Japan
Yokota High School Alumni Association
Zama American High School Alumni, Japan
Zama Yearbooks, 1959-2000
Zaragoza High School Alumni Association, Spain
Zaragoza High School Yearbooks
Zaragoza Jr/Sr High School - Toros, Zaragoza AB, Spain
Zaragoza Zebras, 1956-1964
Zweibrucken American High School Alumni Association

Upcoming BRAT Reunions

Please be patient as we update this list as we can.

Other Groups Helping Military Families - wonderful website for Military Wives and Women in Uniform.

Families in Global Transition - another wonderful organization that recognizes and addresses the unique challenges of families relocating internationally.

Interaction International - an excellent organization for Third Culture Kids and internationally mobile families.

Berlin Brigade - a great website for those who lived in Berlin from 1945-1994.

The first documentary about growing up military.